Stepping It Up with Medical Technology App, InStride

How T4G and a Halifax start-up are using emerging medical technology to benefit orthopedic patients and medical practitioners.

As you may know, T4G Kick is part of the greater T4G family, and while my colleagues and I float around in our marketing bubble (think Glinda the Good Witch), our techy teammates are behind the curtain (so to speak) working on all sorts of fascinating projects. Our bubble is pretty sweet, but we do like to venture out from time to time to see what our teammates are up to.

One of the many things T4G Kick and T4G have in common? We love a challenge. When OrthoMX Inc., a local medtech start-up, called on T4G to assist with the development of an app for medical professionals and patients used to record orthopaedic patients’ walking patterns and monitor their joint health over time, the team stepped up. The mathematical and technical requirements of the app presented us with a complicated challenge. The app had to:

  • Be simple to use and easy to understand in its design for patients, while providing high-fidelity data to medical professionals
  • Record history (in order to compare progress over time)
  • Work equally well on Android and iOS
  • Provide complex mathematical analysis of body movement.

We’re thrilled to say we achieved the outcome the client was looking for, also designing a new cloud portal for clinicians and physicians to access patient data in minutes for monitoring and diagnosis purposes.

medical technology app

InStride is not yet available to the general public, but we filmed a special demo just for you. We started by measuring a 30 metre baseline (three cheers for our spacious office!) and then called on T4G’s Chris Morrison to walk us through it (with the help of Mark MacNeil and Brett O’Donnell).

As Chris mentions, a patient’s first walk is usually done under supervision of a clinical professional. Once that baseline walk of 30 metres has been recorded, there’s no need to measure a particular distance again – a patient can repeat this exercise wherever they happen to be, as long as they have space to walk in a straight line. Once you’ve hit the required distance, InStride will automatically stop recording and provide both a vibration and auditory cue – an added benefit for elderly patients who may have difficulty hearing notifications.

App for medical professionals

The T4G Kick creative team got involved, too, adding their design expertise to the mix for a user-friendly experience and generating the InStride name, logo and brand. Again, with the elderly user-base in mind, large, easy-to-recognize icons and minimal information on screen make the app easy to read (but who doesn’t appreciate clear, clean design?).

Medical technology app

With healthcare and medical technology hot topics at T4G’s Big Data Congress 2016 in Saint John, New Brunswick, there’s no question this is a sector we feel passionate about. So, what’s next for T4G and OrthoMX? We’re continuing to work together to help commercialize InStride, look at different corporate partnerships and licensing opportunities, and explore other opportunities to apply modern technology to challenges in the healthcare space.

Brigid McWhirter

Brigid McWhirter

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