What’s Smilie.st?

We had an idea about how we could use social media to make the world a better place … and so we built something that does just that. Smilie.st is a social expression platform that harnesses the power of a smile.

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A smile: what else grows as you share it?

Watch how brands and non-profits are sparking conversations and amplifying emotional engagement using only a smile.

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How Does it Work?

Developed in-house, Smilie.st empowers organizations to collect content from social platforms, aggregate and serve it up in real-time on any screen to create one holistic story.

Our Approach

From insights to results, we build an emotional campaign that sparks positive engagement and connects digital screens to living smile walls for “phygital” experiences.

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Over 10,000 smiles raised in just one day for the IWK Foundation

The Smiliest team at T4G has won the Gold Award in the Live It Up category of the Apps4Halifax contest.

Jenny Hastings-James

“We’re thrilled to have won the Live It Up Gold Award and are hoping that Haligonians continue to share their smiles and show the world what a great place Halifax is to live, work, and play. This award is also important to us because it gives Smiliest an important level of recognition as we prepare to launch it as a platform for events, campaigns, and community causes.”

~ Jenny Hastings-James, Senior Digital Strategist and Smiliest Champion

Illustration of a paper airplane Want to know more? Contact us at smiliest@t4g.com for more info.