Heard it Through the Grapevine

How T4G, NSLC, and partners teamed up for a site rebuild with toast-worthy results.

With the technology available to all of us in this day and age, it still amazes me to see how much one can learn around the proverbial water cooler, and in this case, our lunchroom. The peeps I work with are not only technical and marketing wizards, they’re also a serious mix of foodies, craft beer connoisseurs, and wanna-be wine sommeliers. Imagine the delight when the talk of the day was about working on MyNSLC.com. Our developers were salivating at the thought of coding with their taste buds.

A little about how this project came to be from T4G’s Brian Fanning:

Brian Fanning, Business Analyst, T4G

This project was a group effort, and we were thrilled to collaborate with NSLC’s local partners – take a look.

From technical design to development, we rolled through the project (and with the punches) with exceptional results – more from T4G’s Brian Fanning.

I have to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about wine, and now I don’t really have to. I do know that I like a red wine, and I like smart search functionality that helps me figure out what it is I’m really looking for. When ‘red’ is typed into the search box, I’m immediately presented with the following suggestions for ‘red in Wine, Spirits, Beer, Cider or Coolers’.

I choose ‘red in Wine’ and I am given the options to filter down my search by Special Features (like Local and Staff Picks), Availability, Category (Bold & Full? Aromatic & Vibrant?), Region, Price, and so on.


Results for Smooth & Medium pair well together with a variety of yummy foods, including pizza and pasta:

NSLC food pairings

Various recipes are available, too:

NSLC recipes

I order my wine to be picked up at the end of the day at my nearest liquor store, and voila! It’s that simple.

What’s next? Find out.

Visit MyNSLC.com for the full experience.


Patti Ellis

Patti Ellis

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