Things We Do.

Mixing strategy, story, design and technology to create inspired customer experiences for tourism, retail and more.

Digital Strategy & Support

Every answer begins with questions: Who’s this for? What do they want? What do they need? Where are they right now? Digital strategy means asking those questions, researching the answers and then shaping a plan to make insights come to life in the right channel, for the right screen. We support the strategies we design with coaching and workshops. Your team is empowered to delight your customers. 

  • Research & Insights
  • User Personas & Profiles
  • SEO, Content and Social Strategy
  • Coaching and Training

Content Storytelling & Social Media

The worlds of carefully crafted stories and crowd sourcing collide in a climactic saga. We determine what to create, where to publish and how to gain, grow and engage an audience across all channels. This is where we take buzz terms like “content marketing”, “brand publishing” and “brand newsrooms” and turn them into a practical service that drives results. 

  • Editorial Planning
  • Multi-Channel Content Creation & Distribution (text, imagery, video)
  • Social Media Outreach & Community Development
  • Analytics

Digital Campaigns & Advertising

This is where art meets science. First comes the Big Idea – a freshly baked concept beautifully envisioned. Then it’s about precision – mapping these big ideas to paid platforms and digital marketing tactics and making sure they’re seen by the right people at the right time. Is it about a YouTube video on a travel planning website? Or a travel planning ad on a YouTube video? We’ll know the answer. 

  • Campaign Vision & Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Paid Media (SEM, Display, Video, Content Marketing, Social)
  • Conversion Optimization

Multiscreen Design & Development

We design and build engaging sites and apps that are easy to find and a pleasure to use. They work on screens of all shapes and sizes and are crafted by a team that dreams in wireframes and lives for the needs of the user. The best part? We can build them from start to finish thanks to our roots in technology and extended T4G Family.

  • Experience Design
  • Web & App Development
  • User Testing
  • Content Management & E-Commerce

Measuring the Work & Making it Better

Everything we do is measured, reported on and optimized. We’re Google Analytics certified (one of a handful of Canadian companies) and believe in actionable analytics – using real data to drive decisions.